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Thursday, July 11, 2013

BELO Breast Augmentation


We live in an era of information where the answer to practically every question you can ask is just one google search away. There are web experts, forums and websites where one can ask anything, from legal consultations to the latest celebrity gossip. With all this available at our fingertips, it all boils down to one thing: finding a credible source that will be able to give accurate, reliable answers.

Belo Medical Group, always at the forefront of innovation in the beauty industry, recognizes this need and is taking their expertise a step forward.

As the country’s authority on cosmetic procedures, among the most popular of which is breast augmentation, Belo has decided to launch a microsite devoted to this particular treatment. is the most authoritative and informative site for anyone who is considering undergoing a breast augmentation procedure.

Its features include detailed information on the different types of incisions, placement and implants, what to consider and what to ask your doctor before deciding, how to prepare for the treatment, recovery tips, and testimonials from women who have done the same, including before and after photos.

Breast augmentation is now the most commonly performed surgical procedure in the United States, overtaking liposuction which had held the top spot until 2012. It is usually undergone by women between the ages of 19 to 34—but even women in their 50s are not too old to have a safe and successful operation.

Belo Medical Group boasts of a team of experts in this area, who have performed a collective total of 5000 breast augmentations to date.

Among Belo’s highly satisfied clients are Brazilian model Daiana Menezes, sexy stars Alyssa Alano and Ellen Adarna, and host and TV personality Phoemela Baranda. Each of these ladies has been very vocal about how much happier they have become since undergoing breast augmentation by Belo. It has given them a renewed self-confidence and left them feeling sexier and more beautiful than ever.

For the women who wish to follow suit, Phoemela has some words of advice: “Knowing yourself, what you want, what you really need and what you can accommodate is important, so it’s important to research and find the best clinic to trust.”

So log on now to and find out everything you need to know with just the click of a mouse. And in the end, like these women, you just might find yourself all the better for doing so.


Ellen Adarna

Phoemela Baranda

Daina Menezes

Alyssa Alano



  1. magkano kaya ang breast augmen surgery sa belo? and how long yung recuperation time?

    1. why don't you call Belomed and check online?

    2. Yes, better call Belo or email them, PM them in their FB acct. and they answer all ur queries... Coz they answered mine��

  2. Most people are fascinated with breast augmentation since they would like to be confident when standing in public at a prom party or on the wedding day.

  3. how much kaya ito?

    1. I paid less than 150T because i paid cash. ��

  4. OT: na-sad ako nung panoorin ko yung vid ni ellen adarna. first time ko sya narinig magsalita. i wish picture na lang sya.

  5. magkano kaya to hmmm

  6. Thanks for these superb share! Great to know about the experience the women shared in video's.

    Breast Surgery

  7. Thank you very much to share this information. it is very useful and informative ......

  8. I did mine last may 2013 at belo, it was 154T +++ but if u will pay cash i think their giving a 5% discount. ��

  9. Try to email them, they will answer all ur queries. They are so accomodating.. I never regret mine done. I am an ordinary person but i want my proportion to be perfect that's why i did it and i never regret.



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