Friday, June 21, 2013

Welch's Trail The Bunch Promo Extended!

The Welch's Trail the Bunch promo has been extended! You can get better chances of winning a Sony PS3 for the whole family! So start playing and be the top scorer until June 22, 2013

There are rumors of a lost child in the vineyard, waiting to be saved. I think it’s only natural for us to help him find his way back to where he belongs, right?

So now I’m giving my readers an opportunity to help the lost Good Grape find its way back to the Good Bunch by joining Welch’s PH Trail the Bunch Promo.

Here’s how you play the game:
  • Like Welch’s PH to access the Trail the Bunch Game.
  • Find the Good Grape’s way back to the Good Bunch using your mouse pointer.
  • Collect these along the vines:

  • REMEMBER: Avoid touching the vines and the game’s bugs as not to go back to start.
  • Complete all the levels and register to qualify for the weekly raffle of a Welch’s gift pack. The Top Scorer of All Time will get a chance to win a Sony PS3 Super Slim! 

Click here to start playing now:  

1 comment:

  1. Oh. It didnt work on my end. Enway. Try again baka topak lang cp ko since mobile gmit ko to chek the link above :p

    THis is cool. Sana hindi sa fb para pwede gwin sa office. Haha. :) goodluck!!!



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