Monday, January 21, 2013

Assassination Attempt on Bulgarian Opposition Leader Ahmed Dogan

A man jumped on stage and pointed a gun at the leader of Bulgaria's ethnic Turkish party before security guards wrestled him to the ground during a televised conference on Saturday.

Ahmed Dogan, the long-time leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) escaped unscathed, and it was not immediately clear why the attacker had targeted him at the party congress in downtown Sofia.

Television footage showed the man jumping out of the audience and interrupting a speech by 58-year-old Dogan, who has led the party for almost a quarter of a century. Security guards were seen beating and kicking the attacker.

"Ahmed Dogan is in good health. Everything is under control," MRF official Ceyhan Ibryamov told journalists.

Police said they had arrested a 25-year-old man from the Black Sea town of Burgas who was also carrying two knives.

The liberal MRF party represents ethnic Turks and other Muslims who make up about 12 percent of Bulgaria's 7.3 million-strong population.

Dogan is seen as one of Balkan country's most influential political figures. The MRF was a junior partner in the previous Socialist-led cabinet.

In 1996, former Prime Minister Andrei Lukanov was found shot dead near his home in Sofia, though attacks on politicians are rare.

Source: You Tube


  1. Weird nman nyan., sa lahat ng assassin yan ang eng-eng, kelangan talaga lapitan para barilin?

  2. ang hina ng security nya

  3. Why use a low-caliber handgun? MAYBE it was the reason why the assasin needed to get so close to his target. MAYBE that kind of gun is easier to get past security because it's small. BUT still... Something doesn't add up.

    -saphic hobbit

    1. It was a gas pistol loaded with pepper spray, di nakakapatay pero nakakatakot pa rin. Di kaya staged pero bakit?

  4. Halatang amateur na amateur ang loko. Ofcourse we're glad na hindi successful ang assassination pero kakatawa lang ang planning nya para sa assassination plot nya.

  5. First and only!

    Ang listo ni opposition leader! Ang bagal ng assassin! Buti na lang at ang bagal din PSG at ng security.

  6. At least the guy knew how to parry the gun properly.

  7. It looks staged. If you plan to assassinate someone malinis at patay talaga why show yourself? Saka di ba siya naharang ahead ng mga security dahil bakit me bigla na lang aakyat habang nagsasalita? Why carry a small gun? Just my two cents. Nevertheless, glad nakaligtas ang political leader.

  8. Ang pusil nya hindi pumutok, sya tuloy ang naputukan! Hahahahaha

  9. kung sa pinas nangyari yun malamang yung ginawang pambubugbog sa maydalang baril kakampihan ng CHR. hahaha



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