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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Newly Opened Bulgogi Brothers at Greenbelt 5

Bistro Group's COO John Paul Manuud and 
Bulgogi Brother's Director for Operations Yani Albiento

This is the first ever Bulgogi Brothers franchise outside Korea

The interior of Bulgogi Brothers

Welcome drink - Tea of the Day

Welcome food: Sweet Potatoes, Corn and Quail Egg
Free appetizers: Korean Spinach Salad, Kangkong and Red Kimchi

Sogogi Nangchae (Grilled Beef with Fresh Salad)
This is a must try!

Gwang-yang Style Bulgogi

Our server, Gretch, preparing our Gwang-yang Style Bulgogi
My friend, Helen Sia, eagerly waiting for the beef to be ready

Haemul Gungjung Mandu (Seafood Dumpling)

Sogogi Beoseot Bokkeum (Stir-fried Beef with Mushroom)

Look at the tea candle under the plate to keep the food warm


  1. i think i will try it out this weekend! thanks, FP! :)

  2. S0oo love FP because of this. New place to hang out and pig out. ahaha! Yum! :D

  3. i loved it the food is really authentic and they also have korean staff inside the store you feel that you are really in Korea

  4. i cant believe that Bulgogi Brothers finally hits manila!! good food great ambiance. perfect for the family who loves Korean food they also play k pop music video inside the store. more powers

  5. Hi FP! How much do we need to spend per person, more or less?

  6. Dear KPA,
    I think around 1t per head to be safe =)

  7. don't forget to order Bibimbap, to share already because their serving is big. also, don't forget to bring your Bistro Circle card for 20% discount =)



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