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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Daebak! Watch Out For Korean Singer JAYDEN As He Joins JulieVer’s ‘Pag-ibig Na Kaya’ Mini-Series!

Universal Records recently announced a very exciting new mini-series called Pag-ibig Na Kaya in support of the much-anticipated release of Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz’s remake of the known mid 2000s love song.

While the JulieVer couple is set to top-bill this project, they will also be joined by two Korean talents, one is the previously announced actor Kim Won-shik who appeared on dramas True Beauty and Alchemy of Souls Season 1, the other one is a dashing idol who has a knack for singing beautiful tunes.

Everyone, meet JAYDEN.

Yoon Jay-den (윤제이든) is a South Korean-German singer under PARKYOON Entertainment. He’s fluent in English and is actually a pre-debut member of the group DS BOYS (now known as LUMINOUS)

JAYDEN eventually became a soloist and made his debut in July 2021 with his single “26”, followed by “SEE U AGAIN” Meanwhile, his latest release “Don’t Leave Me” which came out September last year now has almost 100,000 streams on Spotify.

Fast forward to 2023, he’s ecstatic to become a part of this local production spearheaded by UR. In Pag-ibig Na Kaya, JAYDEN portrays himself — as a K-Pop artist.

He shares, “Actually, I’m very honored because I’ve never had a film or series before. So, it’s really my first time acting and again I’m very honored.”

The Korean singer also expressed his delight in working with JulieVer and the entire production. “It was my first time meeting Rayver and Julie Anne and they were super nice. I’ve never had a project like this before and I’ve had so much fun shooting the scenes,” he happily says.

JAYDEN adds, “I can’t speak in Filipino so they wrote my script in English. It was easy for me to memorize it. For me the storyline is good. It’s my first time acting so I was nervous at first but everyone was so nice and the actors are nice. I had so much fun. I hope the Filipino fans like it. I hope they can find something very refreshing and special in this mini-series.”

JAYDEN is also set to be announced as part of the Universal Records artist roster this year.

Pag-ibig Na Kaya, the mini-series is written by JP Lopez and directed by Niq Ablao. It’s coming out this February.


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  1. Hay ayan naman sa basta korean eh

  2. Di ko mafigure out itchura nito, korean ba or thai? Ang kapal ng makeup.



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