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Monday, March 26, 2018

Share Passion, Share Love with Your Partner

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It’s just natural for couples to share things between each other but the secret to a very successful marriage is when you both share the love and passion. Being married to my wife for over 20 years is something I am very proud of not because of how long we have been together but because of the passion we have for one another. Never did I grow out of love to my wife, and never did she feel like I don’t love her. As time went by, we grew fonder of each other than growing apart as some marriage are painted. Our marriage is thick on love and happiness, we have our fair share for difficult times but I guess the magic is simple and that’s what we did I guess.

  1. We loved each other the same way, if not, more than we ever did when we were younger. Love is the key to eternal happiness. It seems to me that when you love each other, nothing can really tear you apart.
  2. We have a very well communication. We don’t let small and big things pass without talking about it. Petty things can get to our nerves but we always talk about things and made sure we don’t let it go unless settled.
  3. We never stopped our lovemaking. I don’t feel ashamed saying this as opposed to how my wife would react. I am happy that our passion for lovemaking with each other never faded and I guess that helped a great deal in the success of our marriage.

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Bottom line though is that at the end of the day, your passion and love towards each other saves the marriage from disaster.

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