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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Stay-At-Home Workout for Diabetics

Working out is a very crucial part in a diabetic’s life. It is important to lose the excess weight because if you have a normal weight, it is easier to control the blood sugar levels. There are a lot of easy stay-at-home workouts but this one is actually for diabetics! According to everyday health website, these exercises are designed for people who have Type-2 Diabetes but it can also work for everyone else.

  1. Warm up for 5 minutes with low intensity workout like slow jogging in place.
  2. Start moving your body by upping your game for a good 5 more minutes like marching in place or jogging a bit faster than the first one.
  3. For 2 minutes, go faster. Run in place for a solid 2 minutes without stopping.
  4. Slow down for 5 minutes with a jog in place movement.
  5. Switch to strength training by doing 20 wall push-ups, 20 seated mock rowing exercise, 20 half squats, 30 second plank.
  6. After that, stretch for a solid 2 minutes to avoid muscle cramps.

If you keep doing this every day, aside from being more fit, you’re also going to be able to control your blood sugar levels easier. Also, supplements can help you side by side with exercise!

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