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Friday, September 25, 2015

Win P1,000,000 Worth of Prizes, Download Just Roll It!

Internet celebrity Ramon Bautista, Hot Mama Aubrey Miles, Musician Marc Abaya, Mocha GirlSeika Hashizume, and Singer Duncan Ramos are going crazy over a certain JRI (Just Roll It). Apparently, JRI is so addicting they can’t get enough. From what I heard, Ramon Bautista is the one who introduced JRI to Marc and to Aubrey.

It all started just two months ago when Ramon Bautista stumbled upon JRI on the internet and got hooked. He then introduced JRI to Marc, who introduced him to Duncan Ramos, and to Aubrey, who introduced him to Seika Hashizume. Everything was going well until it became a competition to win over JRI. JRI, on the other side was happy about the competition and decided to give incentives to whoever wins.

According to reports, JRI even lets these celebrities travel around the world and have properties of their own.JRI is so generous to the point of giving away smartphones and money ranging from a thousand bucks weekly up to a million monthly. No wonder these celebrities can’t get enough of JRI!

Dying to know what or who JRI is? Click to find out!



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