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Manipulating the Public to Believe His Half-truths

Sacrifices are made whenever one enters the entertainment industry and opts to perform in front of the cameras rather than work as a private citizen. For example, privacy is a debatable issue in which one side believes that a celebrity should be ready to expose himself/herself, whereas the other thinks certain matters should be kept in the dark.

Thus, when Talented Celebrity (TC) started being candid and admitting to certain accusations hurled at him, he broke protocol. In the industry, admission is hard to come by. The belief is that one should maintain an almost perfect image to be admired by fans. Fans continue to hold on to their thinking that their idols are still reachable until they settle down. This notion adds to the popularity of any idol.

In the case of TC, his admissions seemed to have not affected his present career. Rather than pull him down, his intrigues were silenced because he told the truth instead of denying the obvious matters. Hence, sympathy seems to be with TC these days.

Sometime ago, TC revealed an issue that is often dreaded by actors, particularly the matinee idols. Such issue could affect their status as being single and uncommitted. Nonetheless, TC did not do the usual denial and instead admitted to his ‘crime.’ He did not stop there, however. TC started to blame the other party and even threatened to take the legal route to get what he wanted. Given that the Other Party (OP) was not around to respond in the forum, TC seemed to be unfair by placing OP in a negative position.

When the friends of TC heard the accusations of TC, they were very disappointed. Allegedly, OP tries to be pleasant and continue to entertain TC. However, TC could not stick to just one and thus, he dated left and right.

Allegedly, he could not remain loyal and took for granted the forgiveness OP would do every time he transgressed. When TC started saying hurtful things in public recently, people close to OP were offended, as they knew that TC was the one at fault at the beginning and his statements placed OP in bad light. Nonetheless, they are only friends and unless OP speaks up, TC could manipulate the public to believe in his image of someone who is being prevented to see someone that could be close to his heart.

‘We live in a world where unfortunately the distinction between true and false appears to become increasingly blurred by manipulation of facts, by exploitation of uncritical minds, and by the pollution of the language.’  ― Arne Tiselius

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Movie Review: Camp Sawi

Cast : Andi Eigenmann, Bela Padilla, Arci Munoz, Sam Milby, Yassi Pressman, Kim Molina
Director: Irene Villamor
MTRCB Rating: PG
Released By: Viva Entertainment Inc

After watching the movie’s trailer, one might not expect anything new in this movie, or at the very least, something to get excited about. Owing to the bevy of sexy bodies and pretty faces for its stars, one would think that they are just the movie’s come on which will be mixed with a formulaic plot.

But as it is said, the test of the pudding is in the eating. Nothing can be closer to the truth. Unexpectedly, the movie presents a story that is fresh and unique. It  has a winning plot, a very engaging story. Credit to Bela Padilla and her longtime boyfriend Neil Arce who created it. 

CAMP SAWI is a story of five different women who are in great pain from their broken relationships. They find themselves inside a camp – a refuge for the brokenhearted - that will make them heal from their hurtful past. 

The movie’s setting is at the beautiful and charming Bantayan Island in Cebu where the camp is located. There, the five women, detached from their world, are given ways to help them cope as they struggle to recover from their traumatic heartaches. Initially adamant to mingle with their camp mates, the girls soon find strength in each other.  

"Camp Sawi" is a visual feast, if only for its picturesque setting that complements its stars - five of today’s hottest and sexiest young actresses. Matched with a breathtaking cinematography, the treatment of the story is quite commendable. The movie doesn’t scream, it doesn’t struggle to impress, the story just flows naturally.

Director Irene has successfully made each character memorable. Both Brigitte (Bela Padilla) and Gwen (Arci Munoz) who were dumped by their exes complement each other’s quirkiness. There is riot when they are together, notably that drunken scene in the beach that really left a mark and the audience in stitches. 

Arci is undoubtedly a natural comedian, with Yassi and Kim catching up – no dull moment as they slowly recover and give justice to their colorful characters. Clarisse’s (Andi Eigenmann) dramatic story of loving the wrong man lends itself very relatable to viewers. The tragic story of Joan (Kim Molina) with her fiancΓ© leaves her rejecting herself even more, along with Jessica’s (Yassi Pressman) hair-raising anecdote of her boyfriend. All told, the characters’ diverse stories are no different from everybody else’s that anyone can easily identify with. 

The girls’ bonding moments feel like you are just with your girlfriends unabashedly sharing each other’s angst while on a drinking spree – at times serious, other times downright hilarious. Louie (Sam Milby) makes for a cool camp master giving genuine attention and  guidance to the depressed girls in his camp, while carefully polite with their humorous advances. 

"Camp Sawi" definitely entertains, a must watch, especially for the heartbroken and weary souls out there who need to unburden. As it is, moving on may not be the same for everyone, and that a heartache, no matter how crippling, is there for a purpose. 

Don’t miss the movie - now showing in cinemas. 

Also in the cast are AJ Muhlach, Alex Vincent Medina, Bret Jackson, Bubbles Paraiso, Cholo Barreto, Dennis Trillo, Issa Pressman, Janna Roque, Jasmine Hollingworth, Jerald Napoles, RJ Padilla, Sarah Brakensiek, Tonton Gutierrez.

Insta Scoop: Family Photo of The Smiths

Images courtesy of Instagram: thisisandysmith

Repost: Star Magic Conducts Drug Test on 40 Talents

Image courtesy of

ABS-CBN's talent management arm Star Magic did a drug test on 40 of its artists over the weekend amid the government's campaign against illegal drugs.

In a statement sent to ABS-CBN News on Monday, Star Magic said it conducted "a supervised and voluntary drug test" last Saturday "to belay rumors of drug use in its community."

"Results were 100% negative for Jake Cuenca, Enrique Gil and Diego Loyzaga and the rest of the Star Magic artists. Star Magic believes in the efforts of the current campaign to keep our homes and working environments drug-free," the statement read.

The statement did not include the names of the 37 other artists who took the drug test.

There have been several calls to conduct drug tests in the entertainment industry.

Last week, "Till I Met You" star James Reid said he is willing to undergo a drug test, adding that there is nothing wrong with the current campaign against illegal drugs.

However, Robin Padilla urged caution when naming suspected drug users in showbiz.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Junking Her Past to Create an Impression

Ever since the station decided to revamp their programming, several talents had to rethink their future, as the network did not seem to plan anything to nurture their career. Rather than wait, most of the talents who were hit by the changes opted to try their luck in other ventures and other stations. As months passed, it became obvious that the network was signing up only those who were homegrown and were considered unique in their field. Loyalty was not priority and one of those who had to break free was Seasoned Performer (SP).

When SP entered showbiz, much was expected because she had the genes of one of the country’s most sought after performer. Instead of following the footsteps of the said performer, SP brought in her style, which was well received. Soon, she became a regular performer and even dabbled into acting and hosting. Surely, SP was creating a name for herself and was gaining respect from the audience. However, her career followed the usual showbiz trend. She hit the peak of her career and regardless of her versatility, the network could not place her in any of their shows. For economic reasons and professional growth, SP signed up with another station.

In her new station, SP was immediately given projects and soon the publicity machinery of the network was working for SP. However, people noticed that SP was not exactly as they had expected. SP was arrogant and they felt that she believes that she was really sought after by the station. In other words, she thought that people welcomed her move with open arms. By contrast, some were indifferent to SP, but were polite enough to extend civility.

What was another turnoff was that the new colleagues of SP were shocked at the way SP has been talking about her former co-workers. Apparently, SP has been telling her new acquaintances that her experience in her previous home was not that pleasant. While SP talked, her new colleagues were thinking if SP was just trying to make small talk at the expense of her people with whom she shared professional and personal relationships before. The entertainment industry is small and circular and whatever one says would eventually reach the person concerned. The backstabbing was something that her new colleagues could not understand because SP did spend most of her career with some people whom she was badmouthing.

Professionally, in her new role, people were not impressed. They felt there was nothing new in the way she was giving her supposed-to-be expert opinion. Even her initial numbers failed to create an impression. While she wants to join a flagship program, observers are worried that SP might not be able to hold her own when the true singers start jamming with her. To survive in her new station, SP has to raise her game, or else, she might not last long enough.

‘What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Repost: Duterte to De Lima: Resign, Hang Yourself

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President Rodrigo Duterte wants his fiercest critic in the legislature, Senator Leila De Lima, to step down.

"Dapat ka mag-resign (You should resign), you resign," said Duterte, addressing De Lima during a short speech on Monday, August 29, in Tacloban City.

Not one to mince words, Duterte even said that if he were in her place, he would take his own life.

"If I were De Lima, ladies and gentlemen, I will hang myself. The innermost of your core as female being serialized every day," said the President.

He was referring to De Lima's private affairs, including her supposed romantic relationship with her driver, that are now public knowledge largely due to the President's announcement during the Philippine National Police service anniversary.

Duterte, who previously blasted De Lima for "immorality," said the lady senator would make a bad example for women.

Pinapakita mo 'yan, you resign. Ano'ng pakita mo sa mga babae, 'Follow me,' sabihin mo? (You are showing that, you resign. What are you showing women, 'Follow me,' you will say?) This is how to be a woman of the world," said Duterte.

Last week, Duterte made public a matrix supposedly showing personalities involved in the New Bilibid Prison illegal drug trade. Senator De Lima and former Pangasinan governor Amado Espino Jr, now Pangasinan 5th District representative, are the two highest public officials in the matrix. –